Rajanagarindra Institute of Child Development offers services as follows:

  1. Out Patients Service provides diagnoses and medical treatment for children and adolescents by psychiatrists and pediatricians.
  2. In Patients Service provides medical treatment and nursing care for children with developmental delay and behavioral problems, by providing information and training programs for caregivers, in order to enhance development and modification of their child’s behavior, both at home and in a group setting e.g. therapy activities such as sensory stimulation, art, behavior modification, and self-caring. Moreover, assessment and mental health care of caregivers is also included.
  3. Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition (ADOS-2) clinic provides a semi-structured assessment of communication, social interaction, play or imaginative use of materials, and restricted and repetitive behaviors for individuals who have been referred because of possible autism spectrum disorders (ASD) using standard ADOS-2 equipment.
  4. Child Development Screening and Assessment Services provide screening and assessment of a child’s development in order to understand developmental and behavioral problems, as well as planning enhancement of the child’s development, through joint cooperation of the multidisciplinary medical team and caregivers.
  5. Psychology Service provides a clinical psychological diagnosis using tests for IQ, psycho-neurological, personality, learning disabilities, and other psychological tests. Psychological therapy services include psycho, behavioral, and family therapies, which are also provided by clinical psychologists.
  6. Psychiatric Social Work provides services to patients who have complex psychosocial problems by assessing their social, emotional, interpersonal and socioeconomic issues, and providing mindfulness therapy, counselling, and psychotherapy for individuals, families and groups, to help them find solutions.
  7. Occupational Therapy for children aims to facilitate their normal development and promote cognitive functioning. The Snoezelen Clinic, based on the Sensory Integration Theory, has achieved good results using sensory motor stimulation for behavioral modification and pre-school preparation.
  8. Physical Therapy Unit provides services for children with physical disability (Cerebral Palsy and other neurological condition including developmental delay). Our main focus is to improve motor function skills through specialized and skillful physical therapists team who have extensive training by RICD. Our services includes Pediatric Physical Therapy Clinic, Vojta Therapy Clinic, Hippotherapy as well as Hydrotherapy. Family education is integrated during the sessions so the family will be able to carry on at home. Adult musculoskeletal physical therapy is also provided in the unit.
  9. Speech Therapy provides assessment, treatment and improvement of language and speech development problems by a speech pathologist e.g. slowness of speech in Autism and Dow’sn Syndrome children.
  10. Communication Development Clinic uses the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) for autistic children who can’t speak, or can only speak a little, by teaching caregivers to use the technique with the child at home.
  11. The Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) clinic provides services to children and adolescents with complex communication needs, including those diagnosed with ASD, CP. and ID. The clinic staff assess the patients current level of communication and access needs to determine the appropriate strategies and tools. A variety of light tech supports have been developed to meet the needs of children with CCN including a core vocabulary system based on frequently used Thai words. Caregiver training is conducted individually and in groups. Efforts are made for ongoing staff development and networking with International AAC professionals to ensure we are following best practices.
  12. Special Education Service provides pre-school preparation and assists children with learning disabilities in the various basic skills e.g. writing, reading and It develops individual and group life skills, including social and self-adjustment skills, in order to have a good quality of life and enter the school system.
  13. Acupuncture Clinic provides delayed development acupuncture by doctors, in order to stimulate development, e.g. of children with autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, learning disorder, and intellectual developmental disorder. This improves equilibrium of the body, so that the various organ scan return to working normally, by using scalp acupressure.
  14. Thai Traditional Medicine Clinic provides integration of traditional and modern medical treatment to analyze, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate by applying traditional treatment such as; traditional massage, compress massage, and herbal medicine, in order to stimulate the learning ability of the brain, for calming children down, for better control of their behavior, and for strengthening their muscles, increasing movement of joints, and helping to reduce muscle spasticity.
  15. Music Section provides individual and group musical activities, a 7 day 7 color and 7 note piano program, music and imagination, music and movement, and Optimusic which uses technology to motivate body movement by integrating hearing, vision and touch.
  16. Drama performance applies drama science to help develop social skills and interaction, by stimulating and encouraging the imagination of autistic adult, individuals with intellectual deficiencies, learning disabilities and movement difficulties.
  17. Art Section uses free drawing, painting, pottery/sculpting, making batik, and fabrication activities to enhance the development of feelings, concentration, thinking, creativity and imagination.
  18. Neurofeedback Center provides brainwave training with neurofeedback for children and adults with ASD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. Neurofeedback trains brainwaves using operant conditioning via auditory and visual feedback to reward the brainwaves when they change in the desired direction to improve symptoms.
  19. Eastern Psychosocial Treatment Center uses eastern psychology to provide support, education and guidance to caregivers of children with ADHD who have problems with attention processing, working memory, and executive function skills, etc.
  20. Dental Clinic promotes prevention of, and treats, oral cavities of child patients, managing both physical and psychological factors by providing a suitable atmosphere through appealing surroundings, in order to alleviate anxiety and undesirable violent behavior, so that the child may receive normal treatment in the dental clinic.
  21. Toy Library is a resource center which enhances development by providing a toy borrowing service during government working hours which allows continuous training and improving of child development at home. The toy library consists of traditional Thai, modern, and overseas toys, fairy tales, word flash cards, and evaluation tools to promote child development from birth to 5 years of age, by means of distribution by category.
  22. RICD Wheelchair Project provides and supports medical equipment to assist children and adults who have movement difficulties, by cooperating with volunteers and many Thai and overseas organizations, both public and private.
  23. RICD Training Center provides vocational training, including a meeting room, accommodation, and a canteen, with cooperation from private organizations which support employment.